Wanhua and Ximending

Heping Road Street view of the Wanhua district
It’s the Wanhua district. There are old Chinese buildings and stores in the area. I like it.

If you walk northward from the Wanhua district and cross the Zhongdu street, you have modern and up-to-date buildings with hair salons, apparel shops, Japanese magazine stores, anime shops and many antenna shops for Taiwan’s teenagers. It’s Ximending, which has been Taipei’s downtown area since the era when Japan ruled this island.
Crowd on the streets at Ximending Crowd on the street at Ximending
Ximending is now the area just like Akihabara in Japan…. Some people walking on the streets had a big tote bag which anime characters were vividly printed on it. Some people had cosplay. Even a “maid” stood on the street as you see in Akihabara. She was very cute. I hope I could’ve been fluent enough in Chinese to speak to her 😉
A maid standing on the street
I ate Luroufan for lunch at a food court of this district. It costed NT$40.
Food court Luroufan

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  1. Bettyann Avatar

    The best part about anime is the hot cosplay girls!