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  • Visiting Taipei and the National Palace Museum / 台北の故宮博物院を訪れて

    Visiting Taipei and the National Palace Museum / 台北の故宮博物院を訪れて

    日本文はフォートラベルのほうをどうぞ。 I visited Taipei last week. It was the first time I went abroad in four years, as the coronavirus pandemic beginning in 2020 had prevented people from getting in and out of borders. Since the border opened this year, I wanted to travel somewhere overseas. I chose Taiwan for this trip because I wanted…

  • Hong Kong is dead / 香港は死んだ

    Hong Kong is dead / 香港は死んだ

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 Visiting Hong Kong was one of my favorites since I made the first trip there in 2004. I did it eight times until now. I loved to stroll on Sai Yeung Choi Street South where people were very cheerful and energetic, to enjoy wonton noodles, steamed duck, and gwilinggao at restaurants, to get Nokia’s…

  • Changes of the world from COVID-19 / アフターコロナでどう変わる?

    Changes of the world from COVID-19 / アフターコロナでどう変わる?

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 COVID-19 is dreadfully spreading throughout the world, hospitalizing more than 3,100,000 people and taking the lives of more than 200,000 patients as of April 29, according to Johns Hopkins University. It is no exceptions here in Tokyo. The virus is forcing all people in the world to change their lifestyles. Many have been grounded…

  • Prelude to WWIII / 第三次世界大戦の序章

    Prelude to WWIII / 第三次世界大戦の序章

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 The second year of the Reiwa period began with a nightmare. More precisely, at the beginning of the year, nobody could predict what would be going on just two months later. I am talking about what the entire world is fighting against—COVID-19. The coronavirus outbreak has been an urgent global issue. It was just…

  • Visiting United States military bases in Japan

    Visiting United States military bases in Japan

    Visiting US military bases is fun for me. The US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corps use 75 facilities within Japan and Okinawa, 51 of which are dedicated and the rest 24 shared with Japan Self Defense Force. Though those facilities are usually closed to civilians, they are open to residents…

  • Visiting Hong Kong / 香港へ

    Visiting Hong Kong / 香港へ

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 A few weeks ago I visited Hong Kong to deposit part of my fixed amount savings, deposited in Japan’s post office and matured last month, in HSBC Hong Kong where I’ve had my bank account for 13 years, and to buy some gold which was a bit inexpensive than what you buy in Japan.…

  • Japan’s northernmost end / 日本のさいはてへ

    Japan’s northernmost end / 日本のさいはてへ

    日本文はフォートラベルに転載しました。 Though it was almost half a year ago, I visited Wakkanai, the northernmost end of Hokkaido. Since it was the beginning of January this year, it was extremely cold outside with plenty of snow and the streets were very slippery. Wakkanai is deeply related to Russia, since this city is just 40 kilometers…

  • Visiting Maine / 回転木馬とロブスター

    Visiting Maine / 回転木馬とロブスター

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 I think it’s too late to write this entry, but I visited Portland and Boothbay Harbor, Maine in this September. I watched a musical play Carousel at Kokugakuin Tochigi High School performed by its musical club a few weeks before. Carousel is a musical that features a love story of a young girl and a barker in…

  • My second visit to England / 二度目の英国訪問

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 I revisited the UK in September as my first visit there in February was very nice. This time I went to Folkestone, Kent, where it was taken place by the musical Half A Sixpence I watched at Kokugakuin Tochigi High School, via Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Hastings, Rye, and New Romney. 2月に初めてイギリスに行ってみたのがすごくよかったので、9月にもう一度イギリスに行ってきました。今回は國學院栃木高校の文化祭で観たミュージカル「Half A Sixpence」の舞台になったケント州のフォークストンへ、ブライトン、タンブリッジウェルズ、ヘイスティングス、ライ、ニューロムニー経由で行ってきました。 日本語のほうはフォートラベルに旅行記を転載しました。以下は英語だけです。