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  • Returned home from Taipei

    On the last day, I gave up sightseeing in the downtown because I had not so much time, then I went straight to the airport from the hotel. What I ate at the airport until the flight to Japan: Luroufan, xiaolongbao and roasted duck. See you again, Taiwan! Note: all photos taken in Taiwan are uploaded on Flickr.

  • Hotel where I stayed

    I stayed at Novotel Hotel near Taipei International Airport for this trip. I took this hotel online on Expedia.co.jp. It was super gorgeous, with a clean and modern room and a wide bed with two pillows. You can see an airplane taking off from the guest room window because this hotel is located right beside a runway. One problem: as it’s very close to an airport, when a plane takes off at midnight its roaring sound will wake you up 🙁 It’s recommended to avoid staying near an airport.

  • Cell phones in Taiwan

    The Shizilin building in Ximending is a complex of cell phone shops, arcade game shops and a movie theater. The first floor of it has plenty of shops selling cell phones, cell phone accessories, cameras, electric devices etc., like Sincere Podium in Hong Kong. The staff doesn’t understand English, though. I got Nokia 6120 classic at a shop in the building, just for NT$5000. When I looked into my wallet I found enough money I can afford to buy it. It supports HSDPA. When it comes to cell phones in Taiwan of these days, I found that Nokia wasn’t dominant. I saw not so many people used Nokia handsets. Instead, […]

  • Wanhua and Ximending

    It's the Wanhua district. There are old Chinese buildings and stores in the area. I like it.

  • Sightseeing in Taipei — Longshan Temple

    Taipei International Airport looked as if it had been a major airport in Japan. Signs looked almost as same as those in a Japanese airport, except that they were written in traditional Chinese characters. If you go to the bus stop on the first floor of the airport you can catch a route 705 bus to HSR Taoyuan Station, costing just NT$30 (almost 1USD). It’s too cheap! There were no other passengers but me in the big double-decked bus.

  • TAIPEI101 and Shilin Night Market

    This is TAIPEI 101, which HAD BEEN world’s tallest building until Burj Khalifa was built in Dubai. It was closed to general people but employees of its tenants. It’s Shilin Night Market, one of Taipei’s famous night markets crowded for thousands of people from around. At stores of both sides of the main street clothes and wallets were sold for cheaper prices than at department stores. If you get on a branch road you have stinking stalls selling foods. I got chicken rice at one of the stall. It tasted nice, although stalls around there stank.

  • Going to Taipei

    I’ll be in Taipei until next Monday to see my brother working there now. The airplane will depart in an hour. I’m typing this entry in front of the gate. Flight attendants are chatting very loudly…. Anyway I’ll enjoy being abroad because it’s been almost three years since my last trip to a foreign country.