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  • Wanhua and Ximending

    Wanhua and Ximending

    It’s the Wanhua district. There are old Chinese buildings and stores in the area. I like it.

  • Anime festival / ねりたんアニメプロジェクト

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 The town of Nerima, Tokyo, where I live for seven years, is home to Japanese animation, or anime. Nerima has had one of the biggest anime studios, Toei Animation Company, as well as more than 90 intensive anime-related companies since Japan’s first anime film was aired in 1958. World’s famous animes such as Dragon…

  • Emma

    These days I’m stuck with reading Emma, which isn’t Jane Austin’s novel but a comic by Japanese manga artist, Kaoru Mori. It’s a love story of a gentleman of the gentry class and a maid servant of a lower birth in England in the Victorian era. Emma, born in a poor seaside Yorkshire village and…