Emma.jpgThese days I’m stuck with reading Emma, which isn’t Jane Austin’s novel but a comic by Japanese manga artist, Kaoru Mori. It’s a love story of a gentleman of the gentry class and a maid servant of a lower birth in England in the Victorian era.

Emma, born in a poor seaside Yorkshire village and working at a house of a retired governess in London as a maid, is a girl who is a little bit shy and reserved but clever and hard-working. One day she met William Jones, the eldest son of the “House of Jones”, a very wealthy merchant middle class family that is attempting to rise into the gentry, and then they fall in love with each other. The two meet many obstacles in their love because the marriage of persons of different classes was not allowed in England of that era, but they try to overcome it.

This manga is not just a story for “maid-moé” readers in Akihabara. It’s a love story of the people of the Victorian age, under detailed historical investigation by Kaoru Mori and Rico Murakami, who is a historical consultant of 19th century’s England. Emma’s calm and peaceful personality attracts many Japan and other countries’ men and women, not only manga-otakus. Since this comic was first released in Japan in 2002, it has been translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German and many more languages. It was adapted into a TV anime series as well, and aired worldwide.

Though I’m United States fetish, after reading this comic I changed my mind to adore UK and British culture as well. I want to go to London and Yorkshire some day but I unlikely can do it because I have no money to fly there :-<