The last day of 2008 / 2008年も最後です


I look back what I did this year on the last day of every year. The year 2001’s topics for me was moving my apartment within Tokyo metropolitan area and buying Toyota Soarer. In 2002, I made my first visit abroad (Washington, DC). In 2003 I started studying aviation (aircrafts and its operation), and encountered musicals and performing arts by small troupes. In 2004 I started blogging, visiting Asian countries (Singapore and Hong Kong), and had GSM cell phones distributed throughout those countries. In 2005, I began playing darts, studies GSM/W-CDMA mobile telephony , and visited Hong Kong again. In 2006, I opened a Firstrade account and began buying US stocks and mutual funds. Last year I got a new car (Accord) and went to Hawaii.

This year, days passed so fast that I can’t remember what I did something special, but all the topics I can remember this year are (1) England and (2) Fukagawa. Thanks to the manga Emma by Kaoru Mori, I got acquainted with UK and Victorian English cultures. And this August, I moved to the Fukagawa district, with plenty of Tokyo’s historic sites.

Hope 2009 would be more meaningful for me, my family, my friends and my partner (if I could have).

2001年 都内一人暮らし、職場の異動、ソアラ
2002年 アメリカ
2003年 飛行機、ミュージカル
2004年 ブログ(文芸業界)、アジア(香港・シンガポール)、GSM携帯電話
2005年 ダーツ、GSM/WCDMA携帯電話、香港再訪問
2006年 アメリカ株・ミューチャルファンド
2007年 クルマの買い替え、ハワイ旅行