The words of the year 2023 / 2023年のキーワード


It’s time to wrap up the words of this year. As I do every year at the end of the year, I’m looking back at what has happened to me and what I have encountered over the past year, and I’m listing them up in a few short words.

The words of 2023 are flight simulationfitnessTOEIC, and voice recognition.

Flight Simulation

As I wrote in the past entry, I’ve enjoyed flight simulation since I bought a gaming PC with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 installed, a control yoke, thrust levers, and rudder pedals. I’ve continually downloaded and used terminal and en route charts and documents provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and Japanese aviation authorities. I flew a Cirrus SR22 in the early stages to learn the flying basics. Several months later, I changed the plane into a Beechcraft G58 Baron twin-engine airplane to develop advanced flying skills. These days, I fly Boeing 787 Dreamliner between airports, both in Japan and the United States. 


As I turned 50 this year, I had more and more opportunities to feel testosterone deficiency. Reading that strength training was the best way to supplement it, I decided to join a fitness gym and begin training regularly. I had several fitness gym chains nearby to choose from. Out of those gym chains, I decided on Anytime Fitness and became a member since I was attracted to it having franchises worldwide. Members who have been members for over a month can enter and train at any Anytime-Fitness-branded gym worldwide. Since I joined, I have sometimes used several different Anytime Fitness gyms besides what I usually use, from a gym a little farther from the home-ground gym to that in my homecoming prefecture and that in Taipei.

Of course, training once or twice a week for about six months is far from the muscular body of a bodybuilder, but it seems to be compelling enough that my shoulders, arms, chest, and thighs look a little tighter, and I no longer find it hard to climb stairs. 

However, I have been overeating after workouts and have gained weight, and my body fat rate has gotten much worse, so it seems that a different approach is needed to improve these things.


The TOEIC stands for the Test Of English for International Communication and is one of the standardized English tests administered by the Educational Testing Service, a New Jersey-based non-profit organization, to measure English proficiency, mainly in business situations. The TOEIC L&R test is a listening and reading test on paper and one of the most well-known English tests, particularly for Japanese and Korean businesspeople, as an indicator of English proficiency for better or worse. It measures test takers’ performance in listening and reading sections. Their performance in each section is shown as scores ranging from 5 to 495 points, and total scores range from 10 to 990 points. The higher the scores they take, the better their English ability. If you have 900 points or more, at least traditional Japanese companies like the one where I currently work would evaluate you as a high English performer.

My highest score so far is 915 points, which I earned in 2017, but the score is so old that I need more recent scores. I took the test several times in the last two years, all with scores hovering around 830 to 895 points, except the 900 points I got this October. The reason why I can’t take 900 points or more so often is apparent. It is because of my lack of listening ability. It would be imperative to make my lifestyle more “English-oriented” to get more used to English.

Voice Recognition

I joined a new service development team for AI-based voice recognition services in July of this year. I never knew the team members before joining the team, but the job in this team is a new and exciting challenge. 

2023 is the year when the COVID pandemic ended, authorities lifted many restrictions and mandates, and people regained more freedom to participate in activities nationwide and overseas. Although unrest is still underway in several places worldwide, I hope people will be happier with many good things next year. 















The words of each year are summarized in this table.

YearWords キーワード
2023flight simulation; fitness; TOEIC; voice recognition
2022web3; Ford Focus; gout; pilotage
2021Google Maps; Yurie Omi’s resignation; Tokyo Games; death games
2020Synapusyu; the handgun; computer programming
2019Hokkaido; Mercari; Grand Cherokee
2018cashless; Japanese language; comeback
2017Yurie Omi; NHK; shingles; English exams
2016traveling to places in Japan; mapping; Jeep
2015Maine, United States; Estonia; transfer of workplace
2014England; Android
2013Ayurveda; Korea; high school alumni; Tsuyoshi Takashiro
2012Oji; the mahjong; the flight attendant; Facebook
2011the car; the British culture; China
2010Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia; iPhone; the credit card
2009office position change; MacBook Pro; JR Seishun 18 Ticket
職場異動、MacBook Pro購入、青春18きっぷ
2008England; Fukagawa
2007changing my car; visiting Hawaii
2006the US stock; the mutual fund
2005darts; the GSM and WCDMA mobile phone; visiting Hong Kong again
2004the blog; Asian countries (Singapore and Hong Kong); the GSM mobile phone
2003the airplane; the musical
2001getting a flat within the Tokyo metropolitan area; a position change at the office; Soarer

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