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COVID-19 is dreadfully spreading throughout the world, hospitalizing more than 3,100,000 people and taking the lives of more than 200,000 patients as of April 29, according to Johns Hopkins University. It is no exceptions here in Tokyo.

The virus is forcing all people in the world to change their lifestyles. Many have been grounded for months. Essential workers, such as doctors, healthcare workers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, supermarket clerks, garbage collectors, delivery servicepersons, and staff involved in public transportation, work outside facing the fear of infection.

I’ve been staying at my house in Tokyo for almost two months. Although the confirmed cases and the death toll in Japan are lower than those in the United States, there are hundreds of cases tested positive and dozens of casualties every day. People are requested to refrain from non-essential journeys and maintain proper social distancing like the US and other countries to avoid causing overshooting of patients. These days I work from home, watch TV, surf the internet, read e-books, have meals delivered at the door, eat them, and sleep in the bed.

Nobody knows when this inconvenience ends. Some say that it will take 18 months for everything to get back to normal. Others say that it will never return to what it was before the outbreak. Since public health specialists say that the situation in Tokyo is three weeks behind that in New York City, the Metropolitan Government will probably lift the de facto lockdown no sooner than three weeks after NYC. As of today, no countries reopened business yet.

I’m at home all day long, unless I buy foods at the grocery store or wash my laundry at the laundromat. I have much more time to think about what the world will become in forthcoming years. Here’s what I think the world will change:

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Buddha and Indian deities

Ayurvedic medicine, or Ayurveda, is a system of traditional medicine with 3,000 years of history native to the Himalayan area. Even today it is regarded as part of alternative medicine in such countries as India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Especially in Sri Lanka, it is protected and encouraged as one of the national industries by the Department of Ayurveda, the world’s only administrative ministry related to it.

There is a Sri-Lankan-style Ayurvedic clinic in Japan, which I’ve visited monthly for almost half a year. Sunil Nishimura, a Sri Lankan Ayurvedic practitioner, has been running this clinic since 1996 in Kawagoe, Saitama. He first came to Japan in 1994, and soon after that, he became ill because of his stressful life in Japan. He asked his family to send him Ayurvedic herbs. He took them imported from his home country and changed his eating habits into Sri Lankan ones. Then he recovered his health soon after he changed his life. That was why he opened a clinic based on Ayurveda for Japanese people who suffered from diseases of civilisation.

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ともあれ、今私にできることは感染を防ぐことです。既にAmerican Red Crossからハンド・サニタイザー(ジェル式のアルコール消毒液)やらマスクやらその他もろもろのPersonal Protection Packを仕入れてきました。その次の感染予防策は……会社を何週間か休んで酒かっくらって1日中ネット三昧したいですね(笑)。

Today it was announced that three high school students in Kobe, who had never been abroad before, had been suffered from swine flu. Although some people who came back from Canada were found H1N1 positive before, they were hospitalized before they got into the mainland so the virus wasn’t spread. However, today’s event prove that the virus had spread all over this country.
I feel anxious about my friends, my parents, my brother, my sister and their families because most of them live within or near Kobe and they are very close to the outbreak area.
This has taught us the important lesson that, wherever you are, there’s no safe place. It’s wrong to blame those who are going abroad, because, in Japan or in another country, you have the same possibility to have the flu.
Anyway, all that I can do would be to prepare for its national outbreak. I already got a personal protection pack from American Red Cross shop to have hand sanitizer, face masks and other prevention items. The next thing I want to do for flu prevention is … to take a leave for a few weeks to drink beer in my house 😉

This year I can’t help concerning about the importance of health, because I’ve felt unwell since the beginning of this year when I caught a cold. I’ve had coughing for almost two months and it isn’t cured completely even at this time. I used lavender oil to make my body immunity stronger but it didn’t work well. I had not so much spirit to update my blog so I kept it unchanged for many months. In the beginning of April I had to cancel to go to cherry festivals at Camp Zama and Yokosuka Naval Base because of fever I had.

Thank God I feel better these days. I’ll visit Negishi Heights for its gate-open tomorrow.







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