Swine flu outbreak begins in Japan

Today it was announced that three high school students in Kobe, who had never been abroad before, had been suffered from swine flu. Although some people who came back from Canada were found H1N1 positive before, they were hospitalized before they got into the mainland so the virus wasn’t spread. However, today’s event prove that the virus had spread all over this country.
I feel anxious about my friends, my parents, my brother, my sister and their families because most of them live within or near Kobe and they are very close to the outbreak area.
This has taught us the important lesson that, wherever you are, there’s no safe place. It’s wrong to blame those who are going abroad, because, in Japan or in another country, you have the same possibility to have the flu.
Anyway, all that I can do would be to prepare for its national outbreak. I already got a personal protection pack from American Red Cross shop to have hand sanitizer, face masks and other prevention items. The next thing I want to do for flu prevention is … to take a leave for a few weeks to drink beer in my house 😉