Happy New Year 2014

May our Imperial nation prosper!
May the people have a happy New Year!



Hirota Shrine
Hirota Shrine

I was born in 1973. Let the year be the first year for me. The next year (1974) becomes the second year for me, and the year 1975 the third year. Likewise, this year is the 42nd year in my life. It is believed in Japan that a man who lives in his 42nd year (and a woman in her 33rd year) is the most likely to be suffered from an accident, disease or disaster.


Mondo-yakujin Temple
Mondo-yakujin Temple

I visited the Mondo-yakujin Temple to have a special prayer to have such mishaps driven away by Yakujin-myô-ô (a mixture of Rāgarāja and Acala), which helps us prevent disaster, disease and other misfortunes from coming to us.

I think this ritual tells us to live very carefully as such a man that is at a turning point in his health. Safe driving is the best option to prevent from accidents.




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