Keywords of the year 2010 / 2010年のキーワード

Shinkansen Shin-Kobe station


The last day of 2010 has come! On the last day of each year I used to list up keywords representing the most impressive things I did or experienced within that year.

The keywords of 2001 are moving house in Tokyo, the change of office and Toyota Soarer I bought as my own car. The keywords of 2002 are the United States, which I visited for the first time and the first foreign place I’d ever visited. The keywords of 2003 are aeroplanes and musical, both of which I became deeply interested in in that year.

Those of 2004: Japanese literature because I was attracted by two female novelists who were the youngest ones that won the Akutagawa Prize, a blog that I began writing under the influence of them, Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong) I happened to visit, and GSM mobile phones I came across there.

The keywords of 2005 are darts I began playing, GSM/WCDMA mobiles because they began distribution in Japan and I owned Nokia’s handphones, and the second visit to Hong Kong in November.

2006’s keywords are US stocks and mutual funds that I began buying that year.

In 2007 I did the replacement of my own car, Toyota Soarer with Honda Accord in May, and a trip to Hawaii in July.

The keywords of 2008 are England (in which I became interested because of Kaoru Mori’s manga Emma) and Fukagawa (the area I moved to in summer).

The keywords of 2009 are the change of office and MacBook Pro. That year was of little fun for me.

In 2010, I’ve decided that the keywords of the year are trips to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia; iPhone and credit cards. I visited Taiwan in January, Singapore and Malaysia in September. I bought iPhone3GS and iPhone4 as mobile phones and communication/entertainment devices. As for credit cards, I began being a cardholder of American Express and one other in July.

This year is a little happier for me than the previous years. I was able to travel abroad twice this year and really enjoyed each trip. Other than that my experience of this year was all work and no play, though.

Anyway, I hope the year 2011 be much better, much happier, and much more fruitful, with new experiences and new people. Thank you.


2001年 都内一人暮らし、職場の異動、ソアラ
2002年 アメリカ
2003年 飛行機、ミュージカル
2004年 ブログ(文芸業界)、アジア(シンガポール、香港)、GSM携帯電話
2005年 ダーツ、GSM/WCDMA携帯電話、香港再訪
2006年 アメリカ株・ミューチャルファンド
2007年 クルマの買い替え、ハワイ旅行
2008年 イギリス、深川
2009年 職場異動、MacBook Pro購入、青春18きっぷ