Virginia Tech, Nebraska and Sasebo gunshootings

Today’s news is repeatedly reporting that a man broke into a sports club building in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan, firing a shotgun at random and resulted in killing a man and a woman and injuring six people. It was said that the Japanese shooter shot himself to death. A victim happened to be there for waiting a friend.

In Japan or in any other place, slaughters by persons touched in the head can occur everywhere. It might be fresh in mind that a Korean guy fired a shotgun and killed 33 persons in Virginia Tech. In this month, eight people were shot to death by Robert Hawkins who shot at random at a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska. It is not true that you think “Japan is safe and foreign countries aren’t.” Anywhere you are, there are no safe places these days.

We should keep in mind that life and death of us is just destiny and we can’t expect when we die. Death suddenly comes to us—maybe today. When you walk on the street, you may be hit by a drunk driver’s car, a hard block a mad guy throw from the building by you, or a people himself who attempts suicide by diving from the top of the building. When you are waiting for a train on the platform, a mentally-unstable woman may suddenly push you off the platform on the rails in front of a train rushing into the station. When you are riding on the train, the train may crash. When you are driving, an oncoming car may come to you to collide. When you even are in your house, an earthquake may happen and the ceiling may fall down on you. It’s unpredictable if you may suddenly lose your life.

What we can do to live our lives with no regrets is “not to put off till tomorrow what we can do today.” If you have something you want to do, do it right away. You may want to leave anything unfinished when you go to bed at night, not to regret even if you can’t wake up forever.