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  • I’m back!

    Apologies for not updating my blog since I did on the first day of this year. I’m usually on Facebook these days. One of what I did this year is that I moved out of my house at Fukagawa. The rental contract was expiring at the end of July, and I had to choose whether I renewed it to keep living there or terminated it and found a new house. I decided to move to another place. I lived there for four years and was satisfied with life there, but at the same time, I thought I should change my life to change myself. I found a new house at […]

  • Play

    When I studied at university, attending the classes for “liberal arts” was mandatory for the first two years. There was a wide variety of subjects to choose from, from English, Germany, chemistry, mathematics, and economics to Chinese history, Japanese literature, and Japanese linguistics. Most of them were nothing to do with my major (engineering), so I thought that taking them was a waste of time and the university should teach us more practical techniques focusing on our major studies. I even thought that I should go to a professional school because they might teach only professional skills that would be necessary for my future. Nevertheless, I found out, when I […]

  • Virginia Tech, Nebraska and Sasebo gunshootings

    Today’s news is repeatedly reporting that a man broke into a sports club building in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan, firing a shotgun at random and resulted in killing a man and a woman and injuring six people. It was said that the Japanese shooter shot himself to death. A victim happened to be there for waiting a friend. In Japan or in any other place, slaughters by persons touched in the head can occur everywhere. It might be fresh in mind that a Korean guy fired a shotgun and killed 33 persons in Virginia Tech. In this month, eight people were shot to death by Robert Hawkins who shot at random […]