I’m back!

Apologies for not updating my blog since I did on the first day of this year. I’m usually on Facebook these days.

One of what I did this year is that I moved out of my house at Fukagawa. The rental contract was expiring at the end of July, and I had to choose whether I renewed it to keep living there or terminated it and found a new house. I decided to move to another place. I lived there for four years and was satisfied with life there, but at the same time, I thought I should change my life to change myself.

I found a new house at Oji, about 10km north of Tokyo’s city centre. This neighbourhood is a beautiful area developed in the 14th century, with its fresh verdure and sometimes called “Richmond in Japan” because people in central Tokyo often have made a one-day trip to this area since the Edo Era, similar to holiday-makers in London who visit Richmond.

I, together with my car, removed to the new house in the middle of July. Monthly fees for the house and the garage dropped comparing with the ones at Fukagawa, which was closer to the city centre. It’s more than three months since the removal, and the new life here is very nice.

Oji shrine Oji shrine Oji shrine
Nanushi-no-taki park Asukayama Park





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