Words of the year 2015 / 2015年のキーワード


It’s time for me to look back this year and list up the most impressive words I experienced this year. Words of the past years are:
The words of the year for 2001: getting a flat within the Tokyo metropolitan area, a position change at the office, and Soarer.
The words of the year for 2002: America.
The words of the year for 2003: the airplane and the musical.
The words of the year for 2004: the blog, Asian countries (Singapore and Hong Kong), and the GSM mobile phone.
The words of the year for 2005: darts, the GSM and WCDMA mobile phone, and visiting Hong Kong again.
The words of the year for 2006: the US stock and the mutual fund.
The words of the year for 2007: changing my car and visiting Hawaii.
The words of the year for 2008: England and Fukagawa.
The words of the year for 2009: office position change, MacBook Pro and JR Seishun 18 Ticket.
The words of the year for 2010: Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia; iPhone; and the credit card.
The words of the year for 2011: the car, the British culture and China.
The words of the year for 2012: Oji, the mahjong, the flight attendant and Facebook.
The words of the year for 2013: Ayurveda, Korea, high school alumni and Tsuyoshi Takashiro.
The words of the year 2014: England and Android.

And this year’s keywords for me is Maine, United States; Estonia and transfer of workplace.

Maine, United States is where I visited in September for pleasure. I drove the US roads, went shopping at supermarkets and pharmacies, rode America’s domestic flights, and was excited in many ways. That experience encouraged me to look back at the United States from the United Kingdom, which I had been interested in for almost a decade. 

Estonia is the country where I applied for the e-Residency card. Before I did it, all I knew about Estonia was that it was what Baruto, a former sumo wrestler, was from, not being able to tell it from other Baltic countries like Lithuania and Latvia. I found out that that country was one of east Europe’s most IT-advanced countries. I think it’s a good idea to visit Estonia next year.

Transfer of workplace is that I was transferred to the office and position in December, leaving a previous workplace where I had served for more than six years. 

Anyway, this year is coming to an end. I managed to live safe and sound, without being suffered from any diseases. That being said, I’m getting older and older, and my body is gradually worn out. That’s why I’m going to check my body thoroughly and maintain it from scratch, which is going to be my next year’s task.


2009年のキーワード:職場異動MacBook Pro青春18きっぷ











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