Festivals in spring / 桜の季節のお祭りたち

I went out and walked around various places in the cherry blossom season this year. Here are some of the pics.

Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms at Asukayama Cherry blossoms at Asukayama Park Cherry blossoms at Asukayama Park Cherry blossoms at Asukayama Park
Those are the pictures of cherry blossoms at the Asukayama Park of Oji, called Richmond of Japan.

Spring festival at Kamiseya
It’s Kamiseya US base.
And also…

Men in female dresses and colourful hair around the Elizabeth Girls mounting on a wooden penile cannon A lady holding wooden penis in her arms The penisman
This is the global festival with people from all over the world gathering there, as mentioned here as well. It has a set in Flickr.




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