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  • Festivals in spring / 桜の季節のお祭りたち

    I went out and walked around various places in the cherry blossom season this year. Here are some of the pics. 今年の桜の季節はいろんな場所を歩いてきました。

  • Festivals / 祭りの秋

    Festivals / 祭りの秋

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 October is a month of fruits, readings, sports, art, and — more than those — festivals. There were various kinds of festivals in Kiba Park, which was close to my house. The biggest one was the Koto Kumin Matsuri festival from the 16th through the 17th of October. 10月は食欲の秋、読書の秋、スポーツの秋、芸術の秋といろいろありますが、なんといっても祭りの時期だと思います。近所にある木場公園では毎週いろんなイベントがありましたが、なかでも一番大きいのが10月16日〜17日の江東区民まつりでした。 It was the third time…

  • How can I pray for getting such a big one?

    First of all, I’d like to ask you if you are of AGE 18 OR UP? If so, you can continue reading. Otherwise, please leave.

  • Events at Kiba Park / 木場公園のイベントたち

    Kiba Park is within a few minutes’ walk from my house. Various events are performed almost every week.家の近所の木場公園では、毎週のように何かしらイベントが行われています。 Two weeks ago there was Oedo mikoshi matsuri (mikoshi festival) with tens of mikoshis.2週間前には、「大江戸神輿祭り」があって、おみこしたちがいーっぱいでした。 And, Koto Kumin Matsuri (Koto Ward citizens’ festival) was hold last weekend. There were many booths where staff members sold foods and items…