Shanghai — the exciting city / 上海行ってきました


I returned from Shanghai Tuesday night. I couldn’t see so many things there because it was completely a business trip, not a private sightseeing trip, and I had a lot of work there. But I found out how exciting and mysterious that city was.

I’ve updated a set of the trip on Flickr though I couldn’t take so many pictures.

It was my first time to visit mainland China other than Hong Kong and Taiwan. In some points they were similar, but in other points, they weren’t. Oncoming cars in Shanghai didn’t stop even when we were crossing the street on a zebra crossing. In mainland China, cars have the right-of-way, so pedestrians have to give way to them when crossing the road, not to disturb the flow of traffic. When we caught a taxi cab, the driver honked at an old pedestrian pushing a cart and beginning crossing the road and ran into the crowd of pedestrians crossing the crosswalk. It was amazing.

There were plenty of tall buildings in the Pudong area, and gorgeous floodlights illuminated all of them. I was surprised at those floodlights which were so showy that you couldn’t have seen in buildings in Japan.
Foods tasted very good, and they were much cheaper than in Japan. It was amazing that even if I had eaten plenty of garlic and spicy Hunan foods for dinner, I didn’t upset my stomach and my mouth didn’t smell bad at all!
Security measures seem to be more advanced than in Japan. Luggage scanning and body screening were mandatory at every metro station and most of the major building entrances. Officers did screening very roughly though.

Anyway, Shanghai is very close to Japan, so I wish to revisit it in a warmer season. It was so snowy and chilly there that I couldn’t walk around the city very much.