Now I’m a FONERO

I signed up a FON account today. I happened to know about FON over this morning’s TV program and Nikkei newspaper, where FON let its service begin in Japan.
According to the article of the newspaper, FON is a Spain-based WiFi service provider featuring wireless networking service with a user id it assigns to each user, or FONERO, for lower costs than other commercial WiFi services. FONEROs can enjoy WiFi service free of charge, if they buy a specific wireless router, or LA FONERA, from FON and set it up at their house to let them and other people use the service for free. If you have Linksys’s wireless router like WRT50GS, FON provides special firmware that enables the wireless router to change into LA FONERA by installing it without buying any LA FONERA devices. Of course, you can use WiFi service anywhere in the world with your FON id and password as long as there’s any LA FONERA close to you. FON is affiliated by Google and Skype.
I visited FON’s website and set up my account this morning. FON’s Japanese website announced that LA FONERA is sent to any FONERO free of charge if you apply for the account at that time. I downloaded the firmware for WRT50GS instead of requesting LA FONERA because I have it in my house. I opened WRT50GS’ administration page and installed the firmware. When the installation was completed and the router restarted, the graphical user interface of the router’s setup page was dynamically changed. Its network address was changed into and WEP encryption configuration was disabled for make this router open to every other FONERO around me. I give my bandwidth to others for free, but I have the right to have other bandwidth from another FONERO living anywhere in the world without paying a penny.
Now I’m not sure if this service becomes useful or not, but it’s worth trying.