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    I got LA FONERA. So far I used in my room my Linksys WRT52GS with LA FONERA firmware installed, but it had only one SSID and I needed to be authenticated every time I wanted to use WiFi in my room. With LA FONERA, you can use two SSIDs, for a FON access point to…

  • At a FREESPOT in Kobe Airport

    I'm sitting on the bench at the departure area and connecting to the internet with my laptop. When I launch Plazer here, the Plazes is automatically set as "Kobe Airport." I'm going to take NH414 and fly back to Tokyo.

  • Now I’m a FONERO

    I signed up a FON account today. I happened to know about FON over this morning’s TV program and Nikkei newspaper, where FON let its service begin in Japan. According to the article of the newspaper, FON is a Spain-based WiFi service provider featuring wireless networking service with a user id it assigns to each…