Yuki's Diary 日記




Yuki's Diary 日記

The words of the year 2020

It is time for me to look back at what I experienced this year and summarize it in some words, as I do it every year-end. This year, COVID-19 has affected a great deal to the lifestyle of people all over the world, including myself. I have been forced to stay home and work from home for most days of this year. 

Despite such restricted situations, I encountered some new things. The words of this year are Synapusyuthe handgun, and computer programming.

Synapusyu is TV Tokyo’s morning program for infants ranging from 0 to 2 years old. Since it launched in April this year, it has been entertaining them with songs, animations, music, gimmicks, arts & crafts, and more. It is not so much a childish toddler program as an entertainment show. Up-and-coming artists offer materials to this program, and most of their artworks enchant not only babies but adults like me. These days I watch it regularly when I prepare for getting to work every weekday morning.

I was interested in the handgun during the shelter period from March through May. I got to know from books and YouTube videos about handgun brands—not only traditional brands I had known since childhood, such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Luger, Beretta, and Walther but also the latest brands like Glock, Desert Eagle, SIG Sauer, and Heckler & Koch. I taught myself how automatic handguns work and how to handle them, keep them, and fieldstrip them properly. I bought (gas) guns online and got used to using them. I did everything except for using real firearms.

Through these experiences, I found out how different they were from what I had seen on TV dramas, movies, and animes when I was a little boy. I think that, unlike fiction, it is tough to hit the moving target you aim at with a pistol. I don’t believe that you should overestimate handguns as a self-protective weapon. To shoot the enemy who has a sword and is about to attack you, you have to do a series of things—getting the gun and the magazine out of where they are stored, inserting the magazine into it, sliding the slider backward to cock the hammer and load a bullet to the chamber, aiming at the target with front and rear sights, and setting the safety lever to the fire position. Before completing these things, your opponent will get within proximity of you and kill you. I found out that the handgun was not mightier than the sword.

Besides, getting in touch with computer programming is one of this year’s most remarkable experiences. I had been away from it for over 15 years because I was busy with work. Since I got a little free time this year because of the shelter-in-place, I opened a GitHub account and began writing codes. I was amazed at how rapid the changes in computer technologies had been for 15 years. But, thanks to today’s open-source programming languages and easy-to-use integrated development environments, I got used to the new languages relatively quickly. For half a year, I’ve had a smattering of Python, Javascript, JQuery, Go, SwiftUI, Kotlin, Julia, and PHP, using IDEs like PyCharm, Anaconda, Xcode, and Visual Studio Code. Some languages were easy to learn, and some weren’t. I’m still far from catching up with cutting-edge computer technologies, but now I can at least make some small-sized programs, small apps, and medium-sized web systems.

The words of the year 2019 were HokkaidoMercari, and Grand Cherokee. Those of the year 2018 were cashlessJapanese language, and comeback, and those of 2017 Yurie OmiNHKshingles, and English exams. For 2016, the words were traveling to places in Japanmapping, and Jeep. Like this, I summarized the year 2015 in Maine, United StatesEstonia; and transfer of workplace. In 2014, I experienced England and Android. In 2013, AyurvedaKoreahigh school alumni, and Tsuyoshi Takashiro were what I encountered. The words of 2012 were Ojithe mahjongthe flight attendant, and Facebook. The words of 2011 are the carthe British culture, and China.

I don’t think the next year will be a better one. COVID pandemic is far from ceasing, Japanese politicians are losing their ways, and the newborn pro-China administration in America will be harsh to my country. Despite that, an individual has to get through such difficult situations. I think all I will do is nothing but preparing for whatever will happen by brushing up my English and IT skills and distributing dispersively all of my resources, including monetary assets and tangible ones.

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そして、プログラミングというのも今年の主な経験の1つです。これまで仕事が忙しく、15年以上プログラミングから遠ざかっていました。今年、ステイホームになって少し自由時間が増えたので、GitHubにアカウントを作ってコードを書き始めました。この15年間のコンピュータテクノロジーの進化ぶりは驚くばかりですが、最近は言語もオープンソースになりIDEも使いやすくなっていて、比較的早く新しい言語に慣れることができました。この半年で、Python、Javascript、JQuery、Go、SwiftUI、Kotlin、Julia、PHPなどの言語をかじり、IDEもPyCharm、Anaconda、Xcode、Visual Studio Codeなどいろいろ使ってみました。覚えやすい言語もあればそうでないのもありましたが、まだまだ最新のコンピュータテクノロジーに追いついているとはいえないものの、小規模なプログラムや小さいアプリ、中規模なWebシステムぐらいは作れるようになったかなと思ってます。



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China 中国情勢 Global Voices 世界の声 Information and Media 情報とメディア Media and Journalism メディアとジャーナリズム US Policy and Politics 米国の制度と政治

The next US President and Japan’s future

Joe Biden made a victory speech as the President-elect today after mysterious ballot-counting processes. However, the Supreme Court of the United States will decide who the real winner is because President Donald Trump is filing cases to courts of several States on the results. No matter which will be the next President of the United States, his policies will affect Japan a great deal because the Fifth Air Force Commander, the head of the US-Japan Joint Committee, actually controls Japan’s politics.

One of the significant concerns for the Japanese is the homeland security of our nation. Countries around Japan have repeatedly been threatening it for years, and the firm alliance between the United States and Japan has prevented it from falling into a deadly situation. Proper maintaining of the coalition between the two countries is the key for Japan to survive because it can’t stand alone without America’s help.

Some say that the new President-elect has strong ties with China, as Mike Pence said in the vice-presidential debate, “Joe Biden has been a cheerleader for communist China over the last several decades.” Others say that his son, Hunter Biden, received money from China and Ukraine. These facts make many Japanese people anxious that they may jeopardize East Asia’s peace in the next four years.

“Is Joe Biden going to make a deal with China to give the Senkaku Islands to it?” some Japanese are anxious. “Even if China or North Korea attacks Japan, America may pay no attention to it.”

Once Joe Biden becomes the next POTUS, Japan’s only option is to fly to Washington immediately to ask him to maintain the strong relationship between the United States and Japan to secure the US Forces Japan for keeping the peace in the Indo-Pacific region. To do it is Prime Minister Suga’s critical mission.

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香港 ~銀座をブラブラ、大仏・大澳・太平山をめぐる旅~(フォートラベル)

元気をもらいに香港弾丸旅行~Apple Watchもゲット~(フォートラベル)



China 中国情勢 Emergent Democracy 新興国の民主主義 Global Politics 国際政治 Global Voices 世界の声 Human Rights 人権 Traveling 旅行 Yuki's Diary 日記

Hong Kong is dead

Visiting Hong Kong was one of my favorites since I made the first trip there in 2004. I did it eight times until now. I loved to stroll on Sai Yeung Choi Street South where people were very cheerful and energetic, to enjoy wonton noodles, steamed duck, and gwilinggao at restaurants, to get Nokia’s brand new and second-hand smartphones and accessories at mobile phone shops of the Sincere Podium building in Mong Kok, and to open and use a bank account of HSBC Hong Kong. I saw the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping, visited a prison museum at Stanley, stayed at a hotel of Chungking Mansions, worshipped at Che Kung Temple, had a fortune-telling session at Wong Tai Sin Temple, and extended my journey as far as Macau and Shenzhen. All the memories of those places were impeccable.

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American Lifestyle 米国ライフスタイル British Lifestyle 英国ライフスタイル Business and the Economy ビジネスと経済 Cryptocurrency 仮想通貨 Japanese Policy 日本の制度 Venture Capital ベンチャーキャピタル Wireless and Mobile 携帯・モバイル

Revolution with Revolut

I live in Japan. I have bank accounts in Japan to get a monthly income and make regular payments. Besides, I have bank accounts in the United States and Hong Kong to put some of my money into different banks in different places with different currencies to minimize the risk. I manage my assets in these countries because there are more options for investment than in Japan.

A consideration is how to transfer the money you get in Japan to a foreign bank account. Wire transfer at a banking institute in Japan costs very much. I tried some online international money transfer services. All of these services require no less than 2,000 JPY of fee per transaction, so sending tens of thousand Yen with these services is costly.

Having two Paypal accounts can resolve this problem. I got two Paypal accounts with my different email addresses and linked one of the Paypal accounts to a debit card of the bank account in Japan and the other to the bank account in the US. When money was credited to the Japan bank account, I logged in to the Paypal account linked to the debit card and sent money with the debit card to the Paypal account linked to the US bank account. Then I logged out and logged in to the other Paypal account, and I withdrew money credited to the account to the US bank account linked to the Paypal account. The fee is cheaper as long as you send a small amount of money. However, you cannot send money from Japan to Hong Kong because if you live in Japan, your Paypal account does not allow you to link to any bank accounts in Hong Kong.

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