The words of the year 2019

Looking back on what I experienced in the year 2019, the words of this year are: Hokkaido, Mercari, and Grand Cherokee.

I’ve traveled to Hokkaido three times this year alone for both business and private. In February, I visited Sapporo to conduct a system test, and I went to Hakodate one week later to see a friend of mine. In September, I was in Sapporo again for the system test. I’m revisiting Sapporo next month, too (It won’t be “this year,” though!). In spring and summer, NHK broadcast a morning TV drama set in Tokachi area, which became very popular. I had more opportunities to get in touch with Hokkaido.

I started e-commerce this year through the Mercari marketplace app. It allows users to buy and sell items quickly and easily from their smartphones. I sold a briefcase I wouldn’t use any longer, one of the bottles of hand sanitizer I bought too much to use up all, and even a socket of an iPhone charger. I purchased an antique bookshelf, English soaps, and a sixpence coin for comparatively lower prices with several taps on the screen.

I sold my 2013 Jeep Compass Sport and bought a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo in April. The new Jeep’s odometer reading was about 21,000 miles when I found it at the Jeep car dealer, and I have driven more than 6,000 miles for about eight months since I bought it. It is a big, comfortable, good-conditioned, and powerful SUV, excellent for both short-howl and long-howl drive.  

The words of the year 2001 were getting a flat within the Tokyo metropolitan areaa position change at the office, and Soarer. The word of the year 2002 was America. The words of the year 2003 were the airplane and the musical. The words of the year 2004 were the blogAsian countries (Singapore and Hong Kong), and the GSM mobile phone. The words of the year 2005 were dartsthe GSM and WCDMA mobile phone, and visiting Hong Kong again. The words of the year 2006 were the US stock and the mutual fund. The words of the year 2007 were changing my car and visiting Hawaii. The words of the year 2008 were England and Fukagawa. The words of the year 2009 were office position changeMacBook Pro and JR Seishun 18 Ticket. The words of the year 2010 were Taiwan, Singapore and MalaysiaiPhone and the credit card. The words of the year 2011 were the carthe British culture and China. The words of the year 2012 were Ojithe mahjongthe flight attendant and Facebook. The words of the year 2013 were AyurvedaKoreahigh school alumni and Tsuyoshi Takashiro. The words of the year 2014 were England and Android. The words of the year 2015 were Maine, United States; Estonia and transfer of workplace. The words of the year 2016 were traveling to places in Japanmapping and Jeep. The words of the year 2017 were Yurie OmiNHKshingles, and English exams. The words of the year 2018 were cashlessJapanese language and comeback.

It is becoming more and more difficult to bump into new things over time, because the older one becomes, the more satisfied with what he is and the more reluctant to change. That being said, changing with the changing times is absolutely essential to keep pace with the future, and it would be fun.

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