Garage closure / 駐車場が閉鎖


The real estate company managing the garage I rent monthly for my Jeep Grand Cherokee is announcing that the garage is being closed at the end of December and requesting all renters to leave it by the time. This closure is because, as the company says, the garage owner died these days, and its successors have to sell the land of the garage to pay the inheritance tax for it.

I have used the garage since March 2013, as introduced in the above blog post. Since then, I have replaced two cars until now. It is very convenient, of spacious room, and reasonable monthly rent.

Anyway, what I have to do now is to find another parking space, yet it is not easy. No real estate companies and find-parking agents seem to be able to offer a garage for my car. So if I can find no garages by the end of December, that means I can no longer keep owning my car.







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