A party with high school classmates

One day a postcard arrived at my flat inviting me to a party by an old boys and girls’ association of the high school to be held on 27 April this year at Takarazuka. I had never seen such kind of party by high school classmates before since the commencement ceremony 21 years before. I wanted to see how the people changed their faces and figures from what they had been in the high school age, so I replied to the sender that I was going to attend and booked airline tickets.

As the plane from Narita Airport to Osaka was to depart at 6.25 in the morning, and there were no trains to Narita from where I live early enough to catch the plane, I drove a car to the airport at midnight. I parked it in the car park to sleep until the terminal building opened.

Gate C of Narita Airport
I didn’t miss the plane 🙂
Takarazuka Hotel
I arrived at the venue for the party just one hour before the party beginning time. Some people were always there. Some teachers were invited as well. Almost all of them were retired from the job and looked quite different from what they had been 21 years before.
Kenkichi Hagiwara
The man making a speech on the stage is Kenkichi Hagiwara, who was an information processing teacher and also a coach at the track & field club. He brought up two Olympic athletes, Naoko Sakamoto and Yurika Nakamura. Sakamoto ran in the women’s marathon in 2004 Athens and Nakamura in 2008 Beijing.
Shu Takahashi, Haruhiko Matsuoka, Toshikatsu Inoue and me
They were good old friends of mine. I talked with a lot of classmates seen first in 21 years. Some looked almost the same as what they had been when high school students and others looked quite different. The same went with the women who had been schoolgirls. One thing I could say was that many of the ladies who were still attractive-looking didn’t look happy with their lives. For example, some of such women divorced with their children. In many cases, those who were happy with their lives looked old 🙂
We had a perfect time with it. After the party, some of them went out to a restaurant and izakaya until midnight. I didn’t do it because I had to take a returning plane in the evening that day.
I’ve got a set for this in Flickr.





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