How to get to MRT Tanjong Pagar from KTM Singapore station

I wanted to walk to MRT Tanjong Pagar station from KTM Singapore station, but I could not find anywhere any signs leading to Tanjong Pagar station. I followed the people walking, but all of them went into a car park because they parked their own car there. I, having no my own car, had completely lost my way. Even if I asked the ticket counter staff of Singapore station how to get to the MRT station, all she answered embarrassedly was “Over there, 15 minutes’ walk.”

I walked to the direction as she said “over there”, but I lost my way walking for a while. The Lonely Planet I carried with me had no such maps. My iPhone didn’t show the map because M1’s prepaid sim card stored in the iPhone didn’t have enough balance. I walked on dark streets managed to get to Tanjong Pagar station 50 minutes later, sometimes losing my way.

The Lonely Planet and any other travel guidebooks I know have no clear maps or instructions between KTM Singapore station and MRT Tanjong Pagar. There are no signs to guide you to the MRT station anywhere in the Singapore station building. Then I’m the first person to guide you the correct way from KTM Singapore to MRT Tanjong Pagar. I’VE BEATEN THE LONELY PLANET!!

  1. First, get out of the station building on Cantonment Link, and you’ll see a road sign indicating the direction of “Tanjong Pagar.” Follow the sign and go ahead on Cantonment Link.
  2. Walk forward on Cantonment Link and then you’ll see an interchange of Cantonment Rd. and a road sign indicating that Tanjong Pagar is on the right. DON’T FOLLOW IT! Just walk ahead.
  3. You’ll get to an intersection of Anson Rd. Turn left on Anson Rd.
  4. You’ll see an entrance to MRT Tanjong Pagar station.


  1. Get out of Singapore station building, walk along on a wide road under an elevated highway, to the direction opposite to the station building.
  2. You’ll see a FUJI XEROX building, and turn left on Anson Rd.
  3. You’ll see an entrance to MRT Tanjong Pagar station.

That being said, the Singapore station should distribute guide maps at ticket counters or information booths and should build a taxi stand to let taxi cabs gather there to pick up passengers to the MRT station. It’s one of Singapore’s disappointing points, even if Singapore is one of the cleanest and most sophisticated cities.





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  1. Don Avatar

    Thanks for the info! I’m going there in Nov and might want to take the KTM from KL and then try to walk and catch the Tanjong Pagar MRT. The KTM Tanjong Pagar is going to be dismantled July 2011, so Im going to take lots of pics!