Ikego Heights

I went to Ikego Heights at Zushi, Kanagawa to enjoy its friendship festival on May 9. It’s my first time to visit Ikego.
Ikego Friendship Festival entrance
Ikego Heights is within a few minutes walk from Keikyu Jinmuji Station.
Ikego Friendship Festival main stage Ikego Friendship Festival Ikego Friendship Festival Ikego Friendship Festival
That field was all that was open to public. All booths, playgrounds and demo sites were within the field.
1/2 chicken and Pepsi
This is 1/2 chicken, which I buy every time I visit a US base. That tasted very good.
Nachos, pickles and pineapple smoothies
This is nachos, a pickles and a cup of pineapple smoothies sold at another booth.
One mistake: when I bought them, I was handed the nachos dish and the pickles from a salesgirl of the booth but the smoothies wasn’t handed me. I found both strawberry and pineapple smoothies put on the table of the booth in advance, so I thought I should take the pineapple one, then I did it. It tasted not so good, it was a bit lukewarm.
About an hour later when I dropped in on the booth again after walking around the field, the salesgirl who found me called me to stop and said, “Did you take the pineapple smoothies on the table?”
“Yes, I took it,” I answered.
“Ooooh, that was only for display, not for sale!” said the salesgirl and she told the other salesgirls, “That person is what took the display smoothies!”
I felt guilty because I mistakenly took the smoothies that was not to be sold to a guest. I thought that the salespersons thought I had “stolen” what they hadn’t sold and were angry, but, instead of anger, they made another cup of “fresh” pineapple smoothies for me and handed it to me.
“This is fresh, cold and good,” she said. I drank it, and it was really fresh and tasted good.
“Better?” she asked. “Much better,” I lifted my thumb up and answered. The new smoothies was fresh, and so was my mind.
I’ve uploaded the set on Flickr.