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  • US military bases in Japan

    As written several times in this blog, I like to visit US military bases in Japan when they are open to public. They are usually off-limits to Japanese civilians, but open a few times a year for friendship festivals. Once you pass through the gate, you can see the same landscapes in the United States as seen on TV which you can’t see while off base. Why do Japanese people find so amusing about what are seen in the United States? Going to the United States is, for most of them born after WWII, a dream and an exciting unordinary experience. They long, they attempt, and some lucky ones carry […]

  • Ikego Heights

    I went to Ikego Heights at Zushi, Kanagawa to enjoy its friendship festival on May 9. It’s my first time to visit Ikego. Ikego Heights is within a few minutes walk from Keikyu Jinmuji Station. That field was all that was open to public. All booths, playgrounds and demo sites were within the field. This is 1/2 chicken, which I buy every time I visit a US base. That tasted very good. This is nachos, a pickles and a cup of pineapple smoothies sold at another booth. One mistake: when I bought them, I was handed the nachos dish and the pickles from a salesgirl of the booth but the […]

  • Negishi Heights

    I visited Negishi Heights today. At first it was scheduled to open to public last Saturday, but the festival was put off until the next day because of rain. Several US military bases are open in the spring season but I couldn’t go to most of them this year because I caught a cold in the base-open period. All I could go in this season was Atsugi NAF and Negishi. Here are some of the pictures of Negishi Heights Friendship Festival. Sparky's show from Masayuki Kawagishi on Vimeo. I uploaded a set of all of them on Flickr.