5 comments on “Softbank announces Nokia N82 and E71 to be released in Japan

  1. I love nokia’s, although not sure i would in japan, some of your phones are very advanced.

  2. Hi Joe,
    It’s true some of Japan’s cell phones are advanced, but most of them are useless if you carry it abroad… I want to use the same phone as that everybody in the world uses. Nokia is excellent, its user interface is perfect for me.

  3. Why are there so many mobile phones to choose from? Its really gotten just way to complicated. I did enjoy your perspective. Thanks!!!

  4. Yuki-san,
    I have an unlocked E71 now and I am with DoCoMo. I have the mopera plan but do not know how to configure the settings to use it on the phone.
    Do you know how to do this??

  5. At first, do you have the “mopera U” plan? You need “mopera U”, not the simple “mopera” plan. If you have the mopera U plan, you already have your own username and password sent from DoCoMo upon application. For data communications with your E71, configure your access point in Connection Settings like this:
    Data bearer: Packet data
    Access point name: mopera.net
    User name: (the username sent from DoCoMo)
    Prompt password: Yes
    Password: (the password sent from DoCoMo)
    Authentication: Secure
    Homepage: (n/a)
    Hope I can help you.

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