Getting a new car

I sold my Toyota Soarer that I’d owned since October 2001 and got 95 Honda US Accord Wagon. Today I drove the Soarer to the used car shop where the Accord Wagon was waiting and I said good-bye to my "pal" that had accompanied with me everywhere for five years and a half.
Parting from a car gets me down as much as parting from a friend. I felt sorry to part the Soarer never to meet again.

However, getting a new car is as exciting as meeting a new person. This wagon is to be my new partner from now on.
US Accord Wagon
This drives very well, storing more luggage, costing less and cheaper gasoline. What’s the most attractive is cruise control capability. With it, once you turn on the cruise control switch and press the SET/decel button on the steering wheel, the car keeps driving at the speed when you pressed the button even if you put your right foot off the acceleration pedal. Your foot don’t have to get tired even if you drive hundreds of miles at one time.
Of course this car has many parts that needs to be repaired. The right-side light keeps dimming even if I turn the switch on. Every time I turn the steering wheel, I hear strange sounds from the front. It is very exciting that I will have many chances to take great care of her.




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