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  • Visiting Hong Kong

    A few weeks ago I visited Hong Kong to deposit part of my fixed amount savings, deposited in Japan’s post office and matured last month, in HSBC Hong Kong where I’ve had my bank account for 13 years, and to buy some gold which was a bit inexpensive than what you buy in Japan. Since nobody can predict what will happen to Japan and its economy in the future, I think it is reasonable to diversify assets both nationally and internationally to reduce risks of the loss due to possible economic confusion. I found out two notable things through this trip. One is that Kagoshima is in fact one of the […]

  • Japan’s northernmost end

    Japan’s northernmost end

    Though it was almost half a year ago, I visited Wakkanai, the northernmost end of Hokkaido. Since it was the beginning of January this year, it was extremely cold outside with plenty of snow and the streets were very slippery. Wakkanai is deeply related to Russia, since this city is just 40 kilometers away from the southern end of Sakhalin. When Sakhalin was part of Japan in the beginning of the 20th century, the city of Wakkanai played an important role in connecting to ports of Sakhalin by ferry. Defense is also important since it is very close to the border and there is such a risk to let illegal […]

  • Hong Kong and Macau

    I forgot to say that I had a trip to Hong Kong this year as well. I departed Japan on 23 November and returned on 26. What I did there is: I had an investment account opened at HSBC to buy a unit trust. I extended my journey as far as Macau, where I couldn’t do so many things, though. I wanted to get iPhone5 if I had much money, but I didn’t. I uploaded a set of photos on Flickr.

  • Trip to Singapore and Malaysia

    I’m going on a trip to Singapore and Malaysia until next Thursday because we have the “Silver Week” in Japan, with two national holidays (next Monday and Thursday) and three days of leave. For me, this is this year’s second trip to foreign countries. As I have 20,000 miles of United Airlines’ frequent flyer program, I can get a round-trip ticket from Japan to South Asia. I chose Singapore because Singapore is the country where I enjoyed six years ago, and I have looked forward to visiting again. This time, I’m going to visit Johor Bahru and another city in Malaysia because they are close to Singapore and maybe I […]