Abandoning my car

I’ve made up my mind to quit keeping my Honda Accord I got last year. By Japanese law, every car must be inspected every two years by nationally authorized inspectors. In the case of My Accord, it should be inspected by May 7 this year. Inspectors have a checklist and the inspected car should pass all of the items of the checklist to drive on the street in the following two years. In one of the checklist, a car should have clearance of more than nine centimeters. According to the inspectors, My Accord does not have clearance of nine centimeters, so I should have it repaired to pass the inspection. It costs more than 100,000 Yen to do it. I can’t afford. That’s why I have to dispose of the car.
All I can do after abandoning the car is to move to a new apartment with full of public transportation modes and convenient enough not to rely on cars to move around. I’m going to search for a new room in the downtown area of Tokyo when I get a bonus in June.