What I’ll do this year / 一年の計は

Year's first visit to worship


New Year’s Day is a good time to decide what we’ll do this year. Many people set up their own goals of the year on New Year’s Day.

I’ll buy a tabloid every day to read what’s happening in the world. It has a wide variety of topics, ranging from world affairs to sport, TV dramas and gossips. It is a goldmine of the knowledge people know, and a basis of common sense everybody has.

I have been lacking of the ability to entertain people in a party or during lunchtime. I have only stiff and boring information like politics and economics that most people would be tired of, or maniac topics that only few people can catch up with. This year I’ll be “a normal man” that can talk with normal people and let them enjoy, by getting easy-to-read information from those papers.