Medical checkups

Becoming over 33 years old, health is a bigger concern for me. Blood pressure is getting much higher and I'm getting more weight than ten years ago. I'm feeling more tired than in my twenties. It seems to be a good time for me to check up my overall body conditions.
I was in hospital to have a two-day comprehensive medical examination so-called "ningen dock" in Japanese. The company employing me paid for all costs.

View from NTT East Izu Hospital
When I arrived to the hospital in the morning, I had to change my clothes into special ones. Soon I had a few bottles of blood taken by a nurse for blood tests. It was very tough for me because I had not eaten anything more than twelve hours before (Doctor told me not to do). After the blood tests, I was taken to a room where a few dozens of people were waiting in a group. Having a short orientation, a bottle of carbonated water containing glucose was handed in each of us, and we were told to drink it. After drinking the water, we had our blood taken every one hour to check our blood glucose levels. Two hours later, when we finished drawing the second blood samples, we were allowed to have lunch. The lunch was very nice for us because we hadn't eaten anything for over fourteen hours.
After the lunch, we had various kinds of examinations, ranging from ECG (electric cardiogram) to ultrasound sonography test and CT scans.
After this day's tests were complete, we took a bath and had dinner in the mess hall. Very gorgeous.

The second day's examinations, EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) and colonoscopy, were the first time for me and the toughest. But it was very important to find any polyps or cancer on my stomach, colon or rectum.
All test were finished and we had brunch.

In the afternoon each of us were invited in turn in front of the doctor's desk and had some advice for health. For me, my body was almost fine except for high blood pressure and high uric acid and neutral fat levels the exams revealed. I seem to need more exercise, more vegetables, more fruits, less weight, less alcohol, less salt, less fat and less animal products. Anyway, it was very important and meaningful for my future to find out how my current body conditions were. My first course of action would be to have Billy's Boot Camp 😉