Visiting US military bases

I love to visit the US military bases located within Japan, such as Yokota Air Base, Camp Zama, Atsugi Naval Air Facility, Yokosuka Naval Base, etc. They are usually closed to civilians and normal Japanese people, but they open the gates a few times a year so that everybody can get into the bases (within limited areas, though).
Actually I’m not so much interested in military affairs, but I just want to know how the people (employees and their families) are living as normal Americans. I just want to get what they get, I want to eat what they eat, I want to drink what they drink, and I want to feel what they feel. These bases are very convenient for me to "enjoy America" without flying many hours.
Yokota Air Base is within an easy driving distance from my house. Friendship Festival is held in an August weekend every year. Every time I go to Yokota, I get T-shirts, first aid kits and tens of cans of soda and beer within my backpack at temporary stores.
Japanese-American Friendship Festival, Yokota AB

One of this year’s main focuses was the display of US Air Force 60th Anniversary. The special display was performed in a hangar they did not open to people in any other year, to explain with panels and a short movie how cool the Air Force was and how the Air Force had been contributing to America’s peace and the world peace.
US Air Force 60th Anniversary USAF 60th Anniversary display
Camp Zama and Negishi Housing Area are also very exciting. Vending machines you see in the United States are available to civilians and you can get the same drinks or snack as you have in the United States. Some buildings are open to everybody so that you can play bowling or arcade games, or drink beer and eat hot dogs in a bar.
Main entrance PX
Camp Zama
Main gate of Negishi Heights Negishi Heights main stage Negishi bowling center Arcade game center
Negishi Housing Area
Anyway, I want to have more opportunities to know and experience American life. I think it is very important for us to be happier in the future.