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  • A trip to real England

    Although it was a bit while ago, I made a private trip to the United Kingdom. It was not the British Hills, not an English village, not a British-style cottage in Tochigi Prefecture, not any other “fake Britain” in Japan. It was the real England, where I had wanted to visit before I died. I…

  • Rail travel in Malaysia

    Rail travel in Malaysia

    On the last day of my stay in Malaysia, I wanted to try to visit a small town in Malaysia accessible by train. I thought that Gemas, Negeri Sembilan was the most appropriate town to visit for a one-day trip. I checked out of the hotel one hour before the train departure time (9:02 am)…

  • Sightseeing in Taipei — Longshan Temple

    Sightseeing in Taipei — Longshan Temple

    Taipei International Airport looked as if it had been a major airport in Japan. Signs looked almost as same as those in a Japanese airport, except that they were written in traditional Chinese characters. If you go to the bus stop on the first floor of the airport you can catch a route 705 bus…

  • Happy Halloween!

    I hope (foreign) people don’t make a racket too much on the Yamanote Line trains….