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  • もうひとつの朝ドラ:近江友里恵さんトークライブ



  • Another Asadora: a talk show by Yurie Omi

    Another Asadora: a talk show by Yurie Omi

    On August 31, I went to NHK Culture Center at Aoyama-itchome in Tokyo to attend a lecture presentation of Ms. Yurie Omi. As I wrote in this entry, I have been a fan of the NHK Announcer, and once met her at her talk show in Nagoya two years ago. This time it was held…

  • 近江友里恵さんのこと



  • Yurie Omi

    Yurie Omi

    According to Wikipedia, “Yurie Omi (born July 27, 1988) is a Japanese female announcer, television reporter, television personality, and news anchor for NHK. Omi is one of the hosts of NHK morning news show NHK News Ohayō Nippon. She is also the co-host of NHK television series Bura Tamori aired from April 2016.” I’ve been…