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  • Hello world!

    The blog I’ve left unmaintained for a long time has been renewed. It’s based on WordPress I’m trying to use for the first time. This is my first post. I’ll edit or delete it, then start blogging! 長らく放置状態だったブログをようやっとメンテしました。とりあえずWordPressベースの初投稿。

  • HIMEMIKO*WEB is up again

    I’ve changed my mind. In the beginning of this year I said I’d give up keeping my Japanese history website HIMEMIKO*WEB to move my content to Wikipedia, but I find it’s better to keep them here than in Wikipedia or other websites. Anyway visit http://www.himemiko.info/ for details.

  • HIMEMIKO*WEB will be closed

    I’ve made up my mind to close the website "HIMEMIKO*WEB." It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made because I’ve kept this website for almost ten years. It was in November 1998 that I founded the website. After I had read a comic book Hi no Tori by Osamu Tezuka I wanted to…