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  • Festivals

    October is a month of fruits, readings, sports, art, and — more than those — festivals. There were various kinds of festivals in Kiba Park, which was close to my house. The biggest one was the Koto Kumin Matsuri festival from the 16th through the 17th of October. It was the third time for me to see this festival, so there was nothing new in it. Everything was almost the same as usual. All I did there were to eat Indian foods bought from stalls inside the park and to watch a performance by Vivace, a marching band consisting of only female employees of ALSOK, a Japanese security company. In […]

  • A loss of a classmate

    This afternoon I got an email notifying me of the death of a classmate who studied together at our laboratory when we were university students. According to the email, last Sunday he suddenly had a stroke related to type I diabetes he had been suffered from, and passed away. He was as old as I. It is my first time that I lose a classmate with whom I shared the same memories at school. It is surprising and regrettable. I can't attend his funeral and say good-bye to him because the funeral hall is too far from where I live, but instead I sent a telegram of condolence with the […]