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  • The next US President and Japan’s future / 米国大統領選と日本の未来

    The next US President and Japan’s future / 米国大統領選と日本の未来

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 Joe Biden made a victory speech as the President-elect today after mysterious ballot-counting processes. However, the Supreme Court of the United States will decide who the real winner is because President Donald Trump is filing cases to courts of several States on the results. No matter which will be the next President of the…

  • Fever in Obama

    From CNN: Embedded video from CNN Video They may well get excited, because they can earn a great deal of money from visitors to Obama City for at least four years from now. This might be one of Japan’s national benefits Obama Administration will bring to us.

  • What will Obama do for Japan?

    This afternoon media announced that Barack Obama had made history. He’s going to be the first Black US President in American history, as well as the President from the Democratic Party which has not sent the President for eight years. Whichever will become the next US President, Obama or McCain, as a Japanese citizen our…

  • US presidential election has begun / 米国大統領選

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 Now people are lining up to vote for America’s next presidential candidate in every state. If Barack Obama wins, he will be the first African-American US President. If John McCain wins, Sarah Palin will be the first female US Vice President. I can’t poll because I don’t have US citizenships, but it’s my big…