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  • Brazilian town in Japan / 大泉ブラジリアンタウン

    Brazilian town in Japan / 大泉ブラジリアンタウン

    日本文はフォートラベルに転載しました。 https://4travel.jp/travelogue/11320823 I visited Oizumi, Gumma Prefecture. Large factories and plants were invited to set up in this town, and mainly Japanese Brazilians were attracted there as factory workers. According to statistics, almost 6,000 people out of this town’s population of about 41,000 are from abroad.

  • Anime festival / ねりたんアニメプロジェクト

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 The town of Nerima, Tokyo, where I live for seven years, is home to Japanese animation, or anime. Nerima has had one of the biggest anime studios, Toei Animation Company, as well as more than 90 intensive anime-related companies since Japan’s first anime film was aired in 1958. World’s famous animes such as Dragon…