Tag: Koto-ku

  • Kiyosumi Garden

    Today I went for a walk to Kiyosumi Garden, within a 15-minute walk from my house, because it was a sunny Japanese Thanksgiving Day and I wanted to get out of my house. These are photos. They make me feel at ease. The rest are uploaded on Flickr.

  • Events at Kiba Park / 木場公園のイベントたち

    Kiba Park is within a few minutes’ walk from my house. Various events are performed almost every week.家の近所の木場公園では、毎週のように何かしらイベントが行われています。 Two weeks ago there was Oedo mikoshi matsuri (mikoshi festival) with tens of mikoshis.2週間前には、「大江戸神輿祭り」があって、おみこしたちがいーっぱいでした。 And, Koto Kumin Matsuri (Koto Ward citizens’ festival) was hold last weekend. There were many booths where staff members sold foods and items…

  • Moving out to Fukagawa

    Last month I was very busy with moving out of my house at Nerima-ku, Tokyo, because I had thrown my own car in May and I wanted to live where it was closer to downtown Tokyo and more convenient to live with public transportation only. As I got a bonus in June and I had…