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  • The end of globalisation / グローバル化の終わり

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 When I started my career in the late 1990s, my employer encouraged us to have a global mind to cope with Japan’s recession so-called “the lost decade”. By 2000, the words “global” and “globalisation” were used as the keywords — and sometimes buzzwords — for surviving the upcoming new millennium, followed by the dot-com…

  • Japan’s mobile environment today

    Sorry for not updating the blog for a long time. These days I’m hanging out on Facebook and Twitter, rather than writing blog entries. Please visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/masayuki.kawagishi or follow @_Yuki_K_ on Twitter 😉 I see that the world of mobile phones is rapidly changing for years. Nokia, one of the dominant…

  • Some requests on Japanese mobile phones / 総務省のSIMロック解除要請に寄せて

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 I heard the news that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan started discussing a policy to require mobile phone carriers to release SIM-lock-free handsets from the next generation. As is often written in some other entries of this blog, I have been dissatisfied with the current cellular phones in Japan because…

  • How can I pray for getting such a big one?

    First of all, I’d like to ask you if you are of AGE 18 OR UP? If so, you can continue reading. Otherwise, please leave.

  • I did it! / やった!

    That was very good. I love it!最高にうまかったよ。また食べたいな~。

  • Quarter Pounder to be sold in Japan / クォーターパウンダー日本発売開始

    McDonald’s Japan announced that it would begin to sell Quarter Pounder hamburgers in stores of the Metropolitan area this Friday. You’ve had access to them only within US or on US Military bases so far, but you can eat those juicy delicious hamburgers even in Tokyo from now on. Can’t wait! 日本マクドナルドによれば、今週金曜日から首都圏のマクドナルドでクォーターパウンダーが売り出されるとのこと。これはすごくジューシーで最高にうまいんだけど、アメリカ限定販売で、横須賀の米軍基地のオープンゲートのときぐらいでないと国内で食べられなかったのが、これからは東京で食べられるようになります。早く食べたい!

  • Kiyosumi Garden

    Today I went for a walk to Kiyosumi Garden, within a 15-minute walk from my house, because it was a sunny Japanese Thanksgiving Day and I wanted to get out of my house. These are photos. They make me feel at ease. The rest are uploaded on Flickr.

  • Election of Osaka Prefecture’s governor / 大阪府知事選

    日本文が後ろに続きます。 Today people of Osaka Prefecture are voting a candidate of the governor of Osaka Prefecture. The candidates include Toru Hashimoto, an attorney, Sadatoshi Kumagai, an ex-professor of Osaka University, and Shoji Umeda, an attorney. Hashimoto seems to be of great advantage to others because he often appears on TV and is the most well-known…