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Yuki's Diary 日記

Words of the year 2012

On the last day of every year, I make it a rule to list up such words that represent what I was absorbed in or experienced for the first time in that year. Those keywords remind me of what I did at that time.
The words of the year 2001 are getting a flat within the Tokyo metropolitan area, a position change at the office, and Soarer. The words of 2002 is America. That of 2003 are the airplane and the musical. Words of 2004 are the blog, Asian countries (Singapore and Hong Kong), and the GSM mobile phone.
The words of the year 2005: darts, the GSM and WCDMA mobile phone, and visiting Hong Kong again.
The words of the year 2006: the US stock and the mutual fund.
The words of the year 2007: changing my car and visiting Hawaii.
The words of the year 2008: England and Fukagawa.
The words of the year 2009: office position change, MacBook Pro and JR Seishun 18 Ticket.
The words of the year 2010: Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia; iPhone; and the credit card.
The words of the year 2011: the car, the British culture and China.
In the same manner, the words of the year 2012 would be Oji, the mahjong, the flight attendant and Facebook.
The first word, Oji, is derived from the place I moved my flat to in July this year. It is a beautiful place and sometimes called "Richmond in Japan." I enjoy it very much.
The mahjong is what I’m learning to play this year because my close colleagues do. In fact, I have ever played it in the video game for 25 years, but I didn’t play it with people around the table until this year. I can’t play it very well right now but I enjoy it.
Flight attendants, though I’ve got some online friends who are cabin crew for over ten years, are what I met as friends for the first time in real life this year. In some Asian countries including Japan, the flight attendant is considered as more attractive than the women working in the other workplaces. That’s why it was a very valuable experience to talk with such kind of ladies. (Remember I love flight attendants. Please read this entry as well!)
Facebook is the social networking service where I’ve kept in touch with my friends, offline or online, since my subscription in 2008. This year I was there in Facebook on a daily basis, posting a status, looking around my friend’s messages and giving a comment to them.
May next year be also a year when I’ll encounter many new things I’ve never experienced and many new people I’ve never met.

China 中国情勢 Traveling 旅行 Yuki's Diary 日記



  • HSBCの投資口座を開いてきました。これで投資信託や株が買えます。
  • マカオまで足を延ばしてきました。たいしたことできませんでしたが。
  • iPhone5を買えればと思ったんですが買えませんでした。


China 中国情勢 Traveling 旅行 Yuki's Diary 日記

Hong Kong and Macau

I forgot to say that I had a trip to Hong Kong this year as well. I departed Japan on 23 November and returned back on 26. What I did there is:

  • I had an investment account opened at HSBC to buy a unit trust.
  • I extended my journey as far as Macau, where I couldn’t do so many things though.
  • I wanted to get iPhone5 if I had much money, but I didn’t.

I uploaded a set of photos on Flickr.