Camp Zama Cherry Blossom Festival

Camp Zama
Every time I begin to visit a US military facility I feel that spring has come. Yesterday I went to Camp Zama for US Army Cherry Blossom Festival as this year’s first visit to US military bases. It was a little cold but fine. Cherries were almost at their full bloom and looked the most beautiful. There were plenty of people coming the venue.
Here’s the video recorded by a camcorder of my cell phone at Camp Zama yesterday and you can see what went on there.

US Army Cherry Blossom Festival in Camp Zama 2010 from Masayuki (Yuki) Kawagishi on Vimeo.

Today's lunch at Camp Zama
This is yesterday’s lunch eaten at a food court Camp Zama Bowling Center because I didn’t want to wait for many hours in line in front of the PX to get Anthony’s Pizza 🙁