Visiting Maine

I think it's too late to write this entry, but I visited Portland and Boothbay Harbor, Maine in this September. I watched a musical play Carousel at Kokugakuin Tochigi High School performed by its musical club a few weeks before. Carousel is a musical that features a love story of a young girl and a barker in Maine, filmed in 1956. That inspired me to visit this state and, if I could, eat some lobsters and clambakes.

There were no direct flights from Tokyo to Maine, so I chose flights from Tokyo (Narita) to New York (JFK), and from LaGuardia to Portland (Maine's largest city). All flights were Delta Airlines.

DL172 to JFK

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Portland International Jetport

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La Quinta Inn & Suites



Breakfast at La Quinta Inn & Suites





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Cast list


North Wing departures


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近所のドコモショップに行ってnano SIMカードを発行してもらおうとしたものの、入荷待ちとのこと。他のドコモショップに言っても在庫なし。これがないとアクティベーションができないので、さしものiPhone5も単なる板。。。。
都内のドコモショップはほぼ全滅でしたが、栃木市のドコモショップがnano SIMカードの扱いがあるとのこと。栃木までクルマを駆って行くと、すごい待ち時間。1時間半かかると言われましたが、実際には30分ほどで自分の番が来ました。なんとか入手し、iPhone5に入れて、無事にアクティベーションできました。
2013-02-03 17.48.27.jpg


I got iPhone5. I kept Sony Xperia Android phone, but iPhone is easier for me to use, with wider variety of accessories sold all over the world than Sony.
I haven’t got any Softbank’s nano SIM card, so I went to the nearest DoCoMo shop to get a DoCoMo nano SIM card for it, but they didn’t have any. I visited some other DoCoMo shops to ask for one, but none of them had it. Without a nano SIM card, it couldn’t be activated and it was just a small plate.
A DoCoMo shop in Tochigi-shi thankfully said they had a nano SIM card for iPhone5, although most DoCoMo shops in Tokyo said they didn’t have any. When I drove to the shop, there were dozens of people waiting in queue. A shop clerk said I should wait for one hour and a half to be served, but I actually waited 30 mins or so before being served. I managed to get one, put it in my iPhone I had bought before, and had it successfully activated.
2013-02-03 17.48.27.jpg

Off to Hong Kong

Gate 14
I’m going to Hong Kong tonight. I last visited there six years ago. I’ll be back to Japan on Sunday 6th.
Action items in Hong Kong: to get SIM-lock-free iPad2 and, if possible, iPhone4S at Mong Kok; registration of new address and passport number for my account of HSBC; and sightseeing at Stanley, Aberdeen and Lamma Island.

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