Visiting Maine

I think it's too late to write this entry, but I visited Portland and Boothbay Harbor, Maine in this September. I watched a musical play Carousel at Kokugakuin Tochigi High School performed by its musical club a few weeks before. Carousel is a musical that features a love story of a young girl and a barker in Maine, filmed in 1956. That inspired me to visit this state and, if I could, eat some lobsters and clambakes.

There were no direct flights from Tokyo to Maine, so I chose flights from Tokyo (Narita) to New York (JFK), and from LaGuardia to Portland (Maine's largest city). All flights were Delta Airlines.

DL172 to JFK

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Taco Bell in Japan

Today I went to Taco Bell at Shibuya, which had opened last Tuesday as Japan’s first Taco Bell store and hundreds of people had waited in queue for more than two hours in front of the store on the first day only. Today there was a long queue, too. A staff member standing in the end of the queue said that I had to wait up to two hours to be served from there. It was a bit tough for me to wait such a long time, but it couldn’t be helped to do it to enjoy the American taste I’d ever had at New York where I had travelled for a business trip.

A long queue in front of Taco Bell Japan

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A walk in London

(Continued from A stroll in Haworth)
On the third day I checked out of the Heathfield B&B in the rainy morning. Since it was a weekday, Keighley Worth & Valley Railway was out of service. The mistress took me to the nearest bus stop on Rawdon Road and told me to wait there for the bus for Keighley.
While waiting for the bus, an old lady talked to me. She asked me where I was going. I answered that I was going to London. Another lady joined us, and they and I talked a bit until the bus was coming.
In the bus I sit on the upper front seat and the ladies stayed downstairs. Arriving at Keighley bus terminus, I got out of the bus. The train station was a bit distant from the terminus, so I didn’t know how to get there. Then the lady who had talked to me first at the Rawdon Road bus stop found me standing there, and told me to follow her to the train station as she was just going for shopping near there. How kind of her! With her help I could get to the Keighley train station.
Waiting room of Keighley station Lunch
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A stroll in Haworth

English breakfast
(Continued from A trip to real England)
Breakfast served at Heathfield Bed & Breakfast was really British-style, with a fried egg, fried potatoes and mushrooms, a fried tomato cut in half, two slices of bacon and two sausages as well as cereals, slices of bread, a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. I have a good appetite for breakfast in England, because when it’s a breakfast time in England it’s the time to have dinner in Japan where it’s nine hours ahead.
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A trip to real England

Town in Haworth
Although it was a bit while ago, I made a private trip the United Kingdom. It was not the British Hills, not an English village, not a British-style cottage in Tochigi Prefecture, not any other “fake Britain” in Japan. It was the real England, where I had wanted to visit before I died. I visited London and Haworth, West Yorkshire. Both of those places were introduced in a Japanese manga, Emma, by Kaoru Mori, which was one of my favourite comics I’d ever read.
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Another approach to health

Ayurvedic medicine, or Ayurveda, is a system of traditional medicine with 3,000 years of history native to the Himalayan area. Even today it is regarded as part of alternative medicine in such countries as India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Especially in Sri Lanka, it is protected and encouraged as one of national industries by Department of Ayurveda, world’s only administrative ministry related to it.
There is a Sri-Lankan-style Ayurvedic clinic in Japan, which I’ve visited on a monthly basis for almost half a year. Sunil Nishimura, a Sri Lankan Ayurvedic practitioner, has been running this clinic since 1996 in Kawagoe, Saitama. He first came to Japan in 1994, and soon after that he became ill because of his stressful life in Japan. He asked his family to send him Ayurvedic herbs. He took them imported from his home country and changed his eating habits into Sri Lankan ones. Then he recovered his health soon after he changed his life. That was why he opened a clinic based on Ayurveda for Japanese people suffered from diseases of civilisation.
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Paju English Village

Market Street
Visiting England is one of the things I want to do in the future. I planned a trip there in the middle of September. I purchased air tickets to and from London, and booked hotels there. To my sorrow, however, I was forced to cancel all of the reservations because of hectic work I had for almost two years. The British Hills is one of its alternatives, but I get tired of it as I visited there many times. One day I heard that there was such a place in South Korea mocking English streets. That’s why I visited South Korea this month, though I don’t understand Korean at all.
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Korean Embassy with an Indian friend

I got acquainted with Mrinalini Ghosh at Badoo. She is an English teacher from India, living near the Shinjuku area.
She invited me to the Korean Embassy of Japan where there was a small exhibition of Korean lunar new year celebration.
A girl in chima jeogori and Mrinalini Ghosh
Mrinalini is on the right, and on the left is a girl in chima jeogori (Korean traditional dress).
Dduk gook
This is dduk gook (rice cake soup), eaten in Korea in the new year season.