A walk in London

(Continued from A stroll in Haworth)
On the third day I checked out of the Heathfield B&B in the rainy morning. Since it was a weekday, Keighley Worth & Valley Railway was out of service. The mistress took me to the nearest bus stop on Rawdon Road and told me to wait there for the bus for Keighley.
While waiting for the bus, an old lady talked to me. She asked me where I was going. I answered that I was going to London. Another lady joined us, and they and I talked a bit until the bus was coming.
In the bus I sit on the upper front seat and the ladies stayed downstairs. Arriving at Keighley bus terminus, I got out of the bus. The train station was a bit distant from the terminus, so I didn’t know how to get there. Then the lady who had talked to me first at the Rawdon Road bus stop found me standing there, and told me to follow her to the train station as she was just going for shopping near there. How kind of her! With her help I could get to the Keighley train station.
Waiting room of Keighley station Lunch
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A trip to real England

Town in Haworth
Although it was a bit while ago, I made a private trip the United Kingdom. It was not the British Hills, not an English village, not a British-style cottage in Tochigi Prefecture, not any other “fake Britain” in Japan. It was the real England, where I had wanted to visit before I died. I visited London and Haworth, West Yorkshire. Both of those places were introduced in a Japanese manga, Emma, by Kaoru Mori, which was one of my favourite comics I’d ever read.
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Asterisk at home

I set up Asterisk 1.8 for my home phones in the old server once used to a file server. Registered an IP deskphone and IP softphone installed in my iPhone5 to the server, and successfully placed calls to each other, talked to each other, listened to voicemail while unregistered one party.
It was tough to set up outbound/inbound call configuration to/from the PSTN. I managed to do it and now I can talk to anybody with my IP phones!


I got iPhone5. I kept Sony Xperia Android phone, but iPhone is easier for me to use, with wider variety of accessories sold all over the world than Sony.
I haven’t got any Softbank’s nano SIM card, so I went to the nearest DoCoMo shop to get a DoCoMo nano SIM card for it, but they didn’t have any. I visited some other DoCoMo shops to ask for one, but none of them had it. Without a nano SIM card, it couldn’t be activated and it was just a small plate.
A DoCoMo shop in Tochigi-shi thankfully said they had a nano SIM card for iPhone5, although most DoCoMo shops in Tokyo said they didn’t have any. When I drove to the shop, there were dozens of people waiting in queue. A shop clerk said I should wait for one hour and a half to be served, but I actually waited 30 mins or so before being served. I managed to get one, put it in my iPhone I had bought before, and had it successfully activated.
2013-02-03 17.48.27.jpg

Scanning paper

I got a paper cutter and a document scanner so that I can digitise dozens of books I have in the bookshelf. I’m working all day to send them into the cloud.
2013-01-12 10.16.24.jpg

Off to Hong Kong

Gate 14
I’m going to Hong Kong tonight. I last visited there six years ago. I’ll be back to Japan on Sunday 6th.
Action items in Hong Kong: to get SIM-lock-free iPad2 and, if possible, iPhone4S at Mong Kok; registration of new address and passport number for my account of HSBC; and sightseeing at Stanley, Aberdeen and Lamma Island.

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Apples I’ve ever used

  • PowerBook 1400cs (Oct 1997 – )
  • Power Macintosh 6100 (Mar 1999 – )
  • iPod nano (Dec 2005 – )
  • MacBook Pro (Oct 2009 – )
  • iPhone 3GS (Mar 2010 – )
  • iPhone 4 (Dec 2010 – )

….thanks to Steve.

I’m alive

Although I’m now active in Facebook or Twitter rather than this blog, I want to tell you that I’m still alive.
It was a big headache to me that the page design of this blog’s home page had been wrong for a few months. Flickr’s thumbnail pictures on the top of the page and the sidebar hadn’t been displayed. But today I’ve restored it! The reason is very simple. I tried to comment out a </div> tag into <!– /div –> but I forgot to add two hyphens before the greater-than symbol and it looked like <!– /div>, so it affected the page design after that tag.

My current mobile devices

I bought Blackberry Curve 9300 in the middle of June for my main mobile phone I’m using on a daily basis, and switched an account from b-mobile into NTT DoCoMo again by the Mobile Number Portability service. The b-mobile SIM card was what I got together with an iPhone 4 Hong Kong version, but the iPhone 4 was not so good for telephone because its voice quality was not satisfactory and the manoeuvre was a little bit complicating. It’s just for web browsing, taking pictures and motion videos, playing games and other utilities, not for talking. I think the best device for voice calls is that of Nokia, but Nokia doesn’t sell any mobile phones in Japan any longer. Out of the phones available in Japan, Blackberry is for me. That’s why I’ve got Blackberry again.
Another reason why I chose Blackberry again is that it has a real QWERTY keyboard on the device, not displayed on the screen. You can type the keyboard to enter text, and doing this is much easier than touching the virtual keyboard on the screen. So I’m gonna use it for text messaging and email writing besides talking on it. Text messaging will be much more convenient because sending SMS to other carriers will be available next Wednesday.
Although iPhone is not so good for a telephone, it’s the best for a camera and a communicator with plenty of applications. I’ve got a Softbank SIM card too, so I still use iPhone4 used so far on a main basis with the Softbank SIM card inserted in it.
Now I’ve got three mobile phones carried with me —- Blackberry Curve 9300, iPhone 4 and a mobile phone my employer tells me to keep. Next I want to have some tablets like iPad or Galaxy Tab 😉