Visiting Maine

I think it's too late to write this entry, but I visited Portland and Boothbay Harbor, Maine in this September. I watched a musical play Carousel at Kokugakuin Tochigi High School performed by its musical club a few weeks before. Carousel is a musical that features a love story of a young girl and a barker in Maine, filmed in 1956. That inspired me to visit this state and, if I could, eat some lobsters and clambakes.

There were no direct flights from Tokyo to Maine, so I chose flights from Tokyo (Narita) to New York (JFK), and from LaGuardia to Portland (Maine's largest city). All flights were Delta Airlines.

DL172 to JFK

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My second visit to England

I visited the UK again in September as my first visit there in February was very nice. This time I went to Folkestone, Kent, where it was taken place by the musical “Half A Sixpence” I watched at Kokugakuin Tochigi High School, via Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Hastings, Rye and New Romney.
I flew Aeroflot to Moscow, where I changed the plane to London. At Heathrow Airport, I had usual strict inspection at the immigration counter. Being asked why I was going to Folkestone, I answered the plain truth that I had been impressed by “Half A Sixpence” I had watched several weeks before and it had encouraged me to visit there. I told the cab driver who took me to the hotel from the airport the same thing, and he said, “Oh really. Enjoy your trip to Folkestone.”

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Half a Sixpence again

I visited Kokugakuin Tochigi High School where a friend of mine taught dancing and choreography to the student of the Musical Club as an instructor. There was a cultural festival of this school, and the Musical Club members performed Half A Sixpence. It was the second time to see this show since I saw it ten years before at just the same place.

That motivated me to visit Folkestone, England where it took place in.

Paju English Village

Market Street
Visiting England is one of the things I want to do in the future. I planned a trip there in the middle of September. I purchased air tickets to and from London, and booked hotels there. To my sorrow, however, I was forced to cancel all of the reservations because of hectic work I had for almost two years. The British Hills is one of its alternatives, but I get tired of it as I visited there many times. One day I heard that there was such a place in South Korea mocking English streets. That’s why I visited South Korea this month, though I don’t understand Korean at all.
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Korean Embassy with an Indian friend

I got acquainted with Mrinalini Ghosh at Badoo. She is an English teacher from India, living near the Shinjuku area.
She invited me to the Korean Embassy of Japan where there was a small exhibition of Korean lunar new year celebration.
A girl in chima jeogori and Mrinalini Ghosh
Mrinalini is on the right, and on the left is a girl in chima jeogori (Korean traditional dress).
Dduk gook
This is dduk gook (rice cake soup), eaten in Korea in the new year season.

Events at Kiba Park

Kiba Park is within a few minutes’ walk from my house. Various events are performed almost every week.
Mikoshi parade
Two weeks ago there was Oedo mikoshi matsuri (mikoshi festival) with tens of mikoshis.
Performance by Women's Guard of Honor Brass and Percussion Corps of ALSOK
Talk show with Mikako Kotani and Koto Ward Governor
And, Koto Kumin Matsuri (Koto Ward citizens’ festival) was hold last weekend. There were many booths where staff members sold foods and items from all over the nation as well as foreign countries life Philippines, Bangladesh, Peru and more.
The Kiba-no-kakunori show The Kiba-no-kakunori show The Kiba-no-kakunori show The Kiba-no-kakunori show The Kiba-no-kakunori show The Kiba-no-kakunori show
The Kiba-no-kakunori (riding-on-a-square-timber) show is Kiba neighborhood’s traditional acrobatics.
Fukagawa strong man show Fukagawa strong man show
This is Fukagawa no chikaramochi (Fukagawa strong man show). It’s one of Fukagawa area’s traditional entertainments. Expert can do like this:
Fukagawa strong man show