Korean Embassy with an Indian friend

I got acquainted with Mrinalini Ghosh at Badoo. She is an English teacher from India, living near the Shinjuku area.
She invited me to the Korean Embassy of Japan where there was a small exhibition of Korean lunar new year celebration.
A girl in chima jeogori and Mrinalini Ghosh
Mrinalini is on the right, and on the left is a girl in chima jeogori (Korean traditional dress).
Dduk gook
This is dduk gook (rice cake soup), eaten in Korea in the new year season.


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近所のドコモショップに行ってnano SIMカードを発行してもらおうとしたものの、入荷待ちとのこと。他のドコモショップに言っても在庫なし。これがないとアクティベーションができないので、さしものiPhone5も単なる板。。。。
都内のドコモショップはほぼ全滅でしたが、栃木市のドコモショップがnano SIMカードの扱いがあるとのこと。栃木までクルマを駆って行くと、すごい待ち時間。1時間半かかると言われましたが、実際には30分ほどで自分の番が来ました。なんとか入手し、iPhone5に入れて、無事にアクティベーションできました。
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Today falls on setsubun. On this day we grill sardines, which means to drive out devils by their smoke. We eat an eho-maki roll as well. It has been our custom since old days, biting into a big sushi roll looking at the annual lucky direction without speaking any words until finish. Besides, we eat parched soy beans. We eat one more beans than our age counting in the old Japanese way according to our hometown’s rule.
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I got iPhone5. I kept Sony Xperia Android phone, but iPhone is easier for me to use, with wider variety of accessories sold all over the world than Sony.
I haven’t got any Softbank’s nano SIM card, so I went to the nearest DoCoMo shop to get a DoCoMo nano SIM card for it, but they didn’t have any. I visited some other DoCoMo shops to ask for one, but none of them had it. Without a nano SIM card, it couldn’t be activated and it was just a small plate.
A DoCoMo shop in Tochigi-shi thankfully said they had a nano SIM card for iPhone5, although most DoCoMo shops in Tokyo said they didn’t have any. When I drove to the shop, there were dozens of people waiting in queue. A shop clerk said I should wait for one hour and a half to be served, but I actually waited 30 mins or so before being served. I managed to get one, put it in my iPhone I had bought before, and had it successfully activated.
2013-02-03 17.48.27.jpg