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Foods eaten in Singapore and Malaysia

As is often the case with me, I don’t usually go to luxury restaurant to eat foods abroad because I prefer foods local people usually eat on a daily basis. Here’s a list I’ve eaten in Singapore and Malaysia:
Chicken macaroni soup
Chicken macaroni soup: at a food court of Changi Airport.
Chicken rice plate
Chicken rice plate: at another food court of Changi Airport, where stewardesses of Singapore Airlines were having breakfast.
SQ stewardesses having breakfast
Today's lunch
Mutton biryani: for lunch at a hawker stall in Tekka Centre, Little India.
This wasn’t put on a banana leaf but just paper, while in another local restaurant Indians were eating foods on a banana leaf by hand.
Today's dinner
Chicken kebab, hummus and hibiscus juice: for dinner at Arab Quarters.
Lunch at Johor Bahru
Nasi ayam (chicken rice) and sate (grilled chicken) sticks with coconut sauce: for lunch at a cleaner restaurant in Larkin bus terminus in JB. Those two foods and nasi goreng are what I couldn’t help eating in Malaysia.
Pizza Margarita Sea bass and soba
Pizza margerita (left) and sea bass with soba (right): eaten at a poolside bar of Thistle Hotel for dinner.
Nasi lemak
Nasi lemak: rice boiled with coconut milk with vegetables and half a boiled egg covered with a leaf. Bought at a restaurant in a Gemas station building. It was very difficult to eat because the rice was fragile. That restaurant was dirty, with small flies flying around the table. I couldn’t eat even a half of it.
Meal set at KFC in Gemas
Meal set at KFC: at a KFC in Gemas. It was cleaner, but shop girls of it were blunt and it tasted not very good.
Nasi goreng
Nasi goreng: at last I found it. With this, my travel to Malaysia was complete.

By Masayuki (Yuki) Kawagishi